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Buzzmath is the ideal complementary educational platform to support your teaching. For students 6 to 16 years old.

Why choose Buzzmath?

Motivate your students

  • More than 14,000 entertaining and interactive math questions so that students can have joy while learning
  • Stars as rewards
  • Manipulable objects that will pique their curiosity and allow them to better understand a mathematical concept in a concrete and colorful way
  • Personalized badges that highlight their work and efforts
  • Missions with diverse math historians starting for students aged 10
  • Brain teasers

Buzzmath provides the opportunity to engage all students, and they love it.

Oprea Corneliu, teacher of children aged 10

Easily offer personalized learning

  • With Buzzmath, you have access to activities for every grade.
  • Send activities targeted to your class, to a group of students or to a single student to consolidate or enrich what’s being taught in class.
  • Self-driven by your students.

I can customize the student experience to a great extent. This includes remediation, on-target practice and enrichment. It's quite simple from both perspectives. It takes literally seconds to assign something and check on student progress. On the student side, it's quite intuitive. They figure out the mechanics pretty quickly.

Kevin Ashworth, teacher of children aged 11

Increase the confidence, autonomy and determination of your students with our educational platform

Our feedback loop provides automatic and detailed correction. A wrong answer? Your students can get a hint or see a detailed solution, and start the exercise over as many times as they want, with different values.

Based on the concept of growth mindset, this approach encourages the autonomy and determination of students by leading them to successfully complete the exercises on their own.

The audio reading of the text makes the platform accessible to younger students or students with reading difficulties.

Your students will have access to a mathematical glossary that provides them with definitions and explanations so that they can better understand subjects on their own.

Students can work at their own pace, get immediate feedback through the site and retry problems as needed.

Maria Bunten, teacher of children aged 11

Buzzmath is a great tool to reinforce concepts taught in class. Students can practice skills and get immediate feedback.

Kathy Albanese, teacher of children aged 13

Profit from an educational platform aligned with your math curriculum

Enjoy peace of mind by knowing that all activities are aligned with the learning outcomes of your math curriculum. What’s more, when you teach math, you can build a list of your favorite exercises to help you in setting up your teaching plan and in only one click search content by standard.

Have full control over the progress of your students

Follow the progress of your students in real time thanks to easy-to-use, accessible and detailed reports. You can determine which concepts your students have more or less difficulty with, and then decide whether to enrich or consolidate them.

  • Track assignments

    The report allows you to see what work has been done by your students on the activities you have sent them. You will therefore have access to:

    • The date activities were sent
    • The number of students who completed the activities
    • The number of students who participated in these activities
    • The number of students who received the activities
    • The amount of time spent by each of your students on activities
  • Time report

    This report allows you to easily compare the time spent by your students on each activity and to see in real time the level of participation of the class. You will find:

    • The time spent by each student, whether in class or at home
    • The average time per session
    • The number of times that students connect with Buzzmath
  • Star reports

    Stimulate your students and lead them to surpass themselves. Encourage them to do more activities so that they can earn stars.

    You can find out the number of stars that students have earned since the beginning of the school year. You can also follow their progress in one topic or for all topics.

  • Content report

    Thanks to this report, you can access all the activities opened by your students. This can be used to find out whether your students have undertaken activities other than those that have been sent.

  • Individual report

    In this report, you’ll find lots of information related to the account of each student. An ideal tool for report card meetings. You’ll find:

    • Activities completed by the student
    • The date when the activity was completed
    • The average time spent by activity
    • The badges earned by the student
  • Detailed results report

    Thanks to this report, you can analyse the number of attempts needed for each page and thereby rapidly determine where your students might be having trouble. You’ll have access to the:

    • Number of attempts made by your class for each page
    • Number of pages successfully completed by student
    • Number of pages successfully completed by student related to number of attempts
    • Average time spent by student on activities

The Results panel makes it easy to see who needs remediation and in what particular area they may be confused or have a misconception.

Melissa Staiger, teacher of children aged 11

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