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A Story of Reconciliation… With Mathematics!

Author: Scolab | Publish on December 23, 2016

How Marie-Béatrice overcame her fear of math thanks to Buzzmath

This is the story of a student who, in elementary school, had an aversion to mathematics. Marie-Béatrice, who has been identified as exceptional, succeeded in all subjects except this one. With her poor results, Marie-Béatrice’s transition to secondary one was not guaranteed, to the great dismay of her teacher, Audrey. In agreement with Martin Baril, academic adviser at the Commission de la Capitale, in Québec, Canada, the latter decided to give the student specific homework to do on Buzzmath. The Objective: reconcile Marie-Béatrice with mathematics.

Despite her exceptionalities, Marie-Béatrice is a good student, gifted with a great sense of imagination. She is the author of a novel! But in mathematics, she was completely disheartening. Having difficulty following the instructions, the bad notes succeeded one another and culminated in a deadlock. Mathematics gives her much anxiety and failure that undermines her confidence in her abilities. But her teacher, Audrey, is not ready to give up and decides to give her homework on Buzzmath. A long-term work begins.

Buzzmath speaks more to her overflowing imagination than the classic exercise book.

The friendly universe of the platform seduces her. A source of motivation, Marie-Béatrice finds herself loving to delve into the adventures of Mathlantis and its many engaging and colorful characters. She feels more at ease working in this interactive and playful environment. The fear of being judged disappears, and leaves room for the joy of learning!

As everyone in learning, Marie-Béatrice makes mistakes. But when this occurs, she has access to a detailed solution that explains the approach to obtain a good answer. If she does not wish to read the instructions, she can listen through automatic playback. She can then start the activity again with new data, as many times as necessary. It is with a lighter heart and without pressure that Marie-Béatrice completes her exercises. It allows her to understand, at her own pace, how to arrive at the solution and this makes her more autonomous in her learning.

For her part, thanks to the various monitoring tools available to her, Audrey can precisely identify the difficulties encountered by her pupil. This allows her to concentrate her efforts on targeted blocking points.

At the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, Marie-Béatrice has passed her secondary one maths. “We were crying together”, confided Audrey, as the emotions were so strong.

Buzzmath has been the trigger, according to Martin Baril, academic adviser.

Today, Marie-Béarice is in secondary two and is no longer disheartened by this subject. At Scolab, we are pleased with her success and we are proud to know that Buzzmath has helped her to reconcile with maths and to rediscover the joy of learning!

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Inspiring stories
12.23.2016 | Scolab
A Story of Reconciliation… With Mathematics!

How Marie-Béatrice overcame her fear of math thanks to Buzzmath

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