All the features you need
and then a few more!

  • Built for k12

    More than 8,000 interactive activities designed for the Common Core State Standards that offer students a wide variety of input styles to maximize engagement... and fun!

  • Results and progress
    in real time

    Identify your students’ strengths and challenges, and assign individualized questions using our differentiation tools to assess if curriculum expectations are being met.

  • Travel through
    math history

    Students complete engaging missions and collect badges by traveling through time and continents with famous mathematicians of the last 2000 years!

  • At their own pace

    Students take ownership of their learning in an engaging visual environment with detailed feedback and on-demand examples.

Need more convincing on how great this platform is?

A world full of colors!

Math is an adventure filled with rewarding quests and constructive challenges. Buzzmath is your partner to help navigate this journey and help your students reduce their math-related anxiety and build resiliency. Take a look!

We’re not the only ones
who LOVE Buzzmath!

I have seen many of my students use Buzzmath missions to look deeper into the mathematicians that helped pave the way. It gives math education a higher dimension, connecting them with math history.

Josh Cavender Teacher

l think Buzzmath is a great site, because you can’t really guess. It really challenges you, which is good. Also, it’s a lot more entertaining than other math websites.

Emma Yarahmadi Todd Godfrey's Class,
Lincoln Intermediate

I like working towards the ultimate goal of completing all of the missions and saving Buzzcity and still learning and being challenged. It has motivated me a lot along the way. Buzzmath is great!

Olivia Bull Todd Godfrey's Class,
Lincoln Intermediate

Your site is great, I love coming into math class seeing the computer cart.

Charitie Colquitt

I want to thank Buzzmath for providing such a helpful program for my students. We have been doing test prep for the PARCC 7th grade Math assessment and many of the features in your program are used in that assessment.

Jennifer Walter

Seriously, give us a try!

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