Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Your privacy is a concern for us at Buzzmath. Buzzmath is committed to keep your private information secure. We will not sell, share or rent any information you entered or submitted to Buzzmath. Buzzmath will keep this information confidential. Buzzmath may email you for special reasons. Otherwise, if you did not opt-in, we will not send you emails. Buzzmath might ask users to fill out surveys or respond by email, as this information will orient Buzzmath to make decisions that reflect Buzzmath users’ ideas. In the case of special contests held on Buzzmath, Buzzmath reserves the right to announce the first name and the first letter of the last name of the winner and the school.



Each user created in the system is owner of their account. We do not delete anything unless requested by the user. At the end of a paid subscription, a user account is reverted to a free account. Users can upgrade their account by subscribing to the family subscription or by entering an activation code that will link him to a subscribed school.

Buzzmath will never ask for your password, all passwords are encrypted in the database. Therefore, if you lose your password, Buzzmath will provide you with a new password. Every user is responsible for his own password, please do not share your account and your password with anyone as someone could alter personal information of the account.