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The history of math
02.18.2021 | Athlene Whyte
Blacks and the History of Mathematics

When we look at Black history and the contributions of Blacks to society, we tend to look at Blacks in America. This represents a relatively brief period in history, generally spanning from the days of slavery to the present, and gives a very sk

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Free resources and activities Teaching math
01.26.2021 | Scolab
Free certificates to motivate your students or children!

At Buzzmath, we believe it’s important to highlight students’ perseverance and learning in order to motivate and encourage them to continue their math learning. That’s why we’ve decided to offer free downloadable certificates. You can

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Buzzmath Teaching math
01.15.2021 | Athlene Whyte
What factors should you consider when looking for supplemental math resources?

The main learning resources that are used in schools generally do not cover all the needs of students. After all, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to teaching and learning. Teachers use supplemental material to fill in those gap

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Free resources and activities
12.15.2020 | Scolab
Free wallpaper from Buzzmath!

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Free resources and activities Teaching math
12.09.2020 | Scolab
Math games for the Holidays

Math games for the Holidays. Approximate duration: 45 minutes. Recommended levels: Grades 1 and 2, and grades 5 and 6

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Free resources and activities Pedagogy
11.25.2020 | Athlene Whyte
Turn Math into a Cool Math Game

Games are entertaining. That’s why children (and adults) love games! By turning math learning time into a cool math game, your child can have fun and build math skills at the same time.

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11.10.2020 | Athlene Whyte
How Can I Motivate My Child at Home in Math?

Curiosity and motivation are key to math success.

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Free resources and activities
10.26.2020 | Scolab
Halloween : Math Escape Game

A Halloween Activity for the Classroom or at Home! Approximate duration: 45 minutes Recommended levels: Grades 3 to 6

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08.20.2020 | Athlene Whyte
Buzzmath Is Here to Help Parents

During the summer break, it is important to give your child the opportunity to review what he or she should already know in math and develop further understanding of mathematics. Buzzmath has components that can be used to support learning fr

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07.22.2020 | Athlene Whyte
How We Got Here and What’s Next

The coronavirus has cast a shadow of uncertainty over education in the U.S., resulting in confusion for educators and parents. The pandemic came about late in the last school year, which made the decision to distance learn for those few remainin

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