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11.10.2020 | Athlene Whyte
How Can I Motivate My Child at Home in Math?

Curiosity and motivation are key to math success.

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10.26.2020 | Scolab
Halloween : Math Escape Game

A Halloween Activity for the Classroom or at Home! Approximate duration: 45 minutes Recommended levels: Grades 3 and 4

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08.20.2020 | Athlene Whyte
Buzzmath Is Here to Help Parents

During the summer break, it is important to give your child the opportunity to review what he or she should already know in math and develop further understanding of mathematics. Buzzmath has components that can be used to support learning fr

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07.22.2020 | Athlene Whyte
How We Got Here and What’s Next

The coronavirus has cast a shadow of uncertainty over education in the U.S., resulting in confusion for educators and parents. The pandemic came about late in the last school year, which made the decision to distance learn for those few remainin

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06.19.2020 | Luc Goudreault
Equity: One of our guiding principles

Last year, my friend Sunil Singh (@MathGarden) published an article on Medium entitled “Equity in Math Education: It is a Journey not a Destination.” In the article, Sunil took care to explain that Scolab (creator of Netmath and Buzzmath)

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Teachers and parents Grades 1 and 2
04.27.2020 | Simon Lavallée
New Ideas For a New Decade: Buzzmath Builds Early Years Platform

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03.06.2020 | Sunil Singh
Buzzmath Missions

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Missions The history of math
02.14.2020 | Sunil Singh
Why Math History Matters

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Math in daily life
01.31.2020 | Sunil Singh
The Usefulness of Mathematics in Our Daily Lives: The Mathematics of Voting

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Math in daily life
01.24.2020 | Sunil Singh
The Usefulness of Mathematics in Our Daily Lives: Understanding Statistics and Data

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