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Buzzmath Is Here to Help Parents

Author: Athlene Whyte | Publish on August 20, 2020

During the summer break, it is important to give your child the opportunity to review what he or she should already know in math and develop further understanding of mathematics. Buzzmath has components that can be used to support learning from home regardless of the situation or the plans for the upcoming school year.

Check up on your child’s understanding of what they should have already learned in math, and prepare them for the upcoming school year.

Begin with the Diagnostic tasks in the grade level book for the grade level your child will be entering in the upcoming school year. The Diagnostic tasks contain problems that your child should already know.

For example, if your child will be entering Grade 4, the diagnostic tasks in the Grade 4 book will review concepts below Grade 4 in Numbers and Operations, Geometry, Measurement, and Data.

You can make a schedule each week for your child to work on activities in Buzzmath. Remember that Buzzmath includes many components for your child to have fun and stay engaged in math. You can also involve them in conversations about math to deepen their understanding. You can ask them questions such as:

What is the problem about? What information is important?

How did you solve the problem? Could you have solved it another way? How?

If you wish, you could solve the problem yourself, and compare and discuss the different strategies with your child.

If your child has difficulty with the review material, they will need to work on the concepts for which they are struggling. In this case, choose the book from the previous grade level. This way your child can work on the material from the past school year. These books are organized with activities by strands such as Numbers and Operations, Geometry, and so on. Choose a strand in which your child is having difficulty and then choose activities for your child to complete.

If your child is proficient in the content they should already know, you may want them to try a few activities at the grade level they will be entering.

When using Buzzmath, your child will find sufficient instruction and scaffolding support to help them through the activity.

Your child will be able to check his or her answer immediately.

Your child can also retry the same page again, which will use different values for the same problem. If your child did not answer the question correctly, there is a complete solution that will show them how the problem can be solved. If your child did answer the question correctly, they may want to compare their strategy with the solution shown in Buzzmath.

Continue to practice math skills and reinforce understanding during the school year.

Your child can use Buzzmath no matter what the situation or decisions that are made for the upcoming school year. Buzzmath gives your child the opportunity to learn, practice and develop math fluency in a fun, interactive environment. Plus Buzzmath will soon be providing free printable activities for parents and children!

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