Math Practice for Proficiency

What is Buzzmath?

Buzzmath is a widely used math learning and practice platform used by teachers and their students. Activities cover content from grades 1 to 8.

  • Over 10 000 math exercises
  • Automated corrections, infinite retries
  • Unlimited access from various devices (iPad too!)
  • Detailed solutions & on demand examples
  • Synthesis missions
  • Use Buzzmath with your interactive whiteboard
  • Individual accounts for each student and teacher
  • Send assignment to students
  • Reports and progress monitoring
  • Administration tools to manage your school
  • Training offered
  • School board reports
  • Access for all educational consultants
  • Long term commitment

School Subscription

School board/District

Thousands of activities aligned to the Common Core and TEKS state standards.

Send Assignments

Send assignments

Automated Corrections, Infinite Retries

Automated Corrections, Infinite Retries

Reports and Progress Monitoring

Detailed Solutions & On Demand Examples

10 Synthesis Missions

Unlimited Access from Various Devices

Variety of Input Styles

Administration Tools to Manage your School

Administration Tools to Manage your School

Use Buzzmath with your Interactive Whiteboard

30 Demonstrations and 40 Explorations

Integrated Motivation

Individualisation and Autonomy

Buzzmath enables:


  • students to apply learned abilities and concepts on tablets and computers
  • you to continually stimulate your students based on their learning curve
  • you to show abilities and concepts in class through demonstrations and explorations using your interactive whiteboard
  • you to send assignments and follow progression in real time
  • you to personalise your teaching interventions with groups or individual students
  • you to support students in their math explorations, experiences and enrichment at home
  • parents to have access to detailled examples
  • you to provide a stimulating and reassuring environment that develops your students’ autonomy

Using Buzzmath in my class

Buzzmath is a web and iPad application used to support students learning mathematics. Accessible from anywhere, Buzzmath is used by over 600 000 students and thousands of teachers in North America.

Offering over 7 000 exercices validated for elementary and middle school programs, Buzzmath helps students acquire autonomy, improve their comprehension of essential mathematic concepts, practice basic skills, speed up their learning, and become more confident.

Buzzmath is designed in a way that lets every student learn at their own pace. Teachers can provide strengthening exercises to their classes or to specific students. The management of students’ individual progress is also facilitated with the availability of an instant preview in real time.

Buzzmath offers detailled answers, examples, demonstrations and explorations activities. Students will also have to solve challenges, enigmas, and also history and culture based mathematic missions that involve charming characters inspired by history’s most renown mathematicians.

Pedagogy, technology and fun are the foundation of this motivating and stimulating solution in which every student is considered individually, as they progress in their math learning journey.

  • I am loving Buzzmath and my kids are enjoying it too. I really like all the reports that are available and how I can see how much time each student takes with an assignment. I really like the fact that if a student answers a question incorrectly, they can see how to do it correctly and then they can try it again, with different numbers. I am very pleased with the program and would highly recommend it.

    Lisa F.Teacher
  • I have seen many of my students use Buzzmath missions to look deeper into the mathematicians that helped pave the way. It gives math education a higher dimension, connecting them with math history.

    Josh CavenderTeacher
  • Love this web site so much cool stuff to do can’t wait to see how many stars I have at the end of all of this…

  • I absolutely love this program. I have picked up on current math curriculum. My knowledge has expanded very widely. I have learned much about many historical figures.

    Connor T.Student
  • Buzzmath is a great tool to reinforce concepts taught in class. Students can practice skills and get immediate feedback.

    Kathy Albanese8th grade teacher at Marco Island Charter Middle School
  • I just wanted to say that I love Buzzmath. It is explaining things with more help and explaining. Thank you so much for creating this!

    Fury C.Student