Elementary and Middle School
Math Practice for Proficiency

Why Students Love it

  • It’s impressive. Finally an online math app that is fun to use and that does not put students into a trance from repeatedly answering multiple choice questions.
  • It’s useful! Students see similar examples to instantly determine why the answer was wrong and can retry with different values.
  • It’s simple! Clear goals are provided for students. They must complete assignments, accumulate stars, unlock missions, restore Buzzcity and proclaim victory as a mathematical hero.

Why Parents Love Buzzmath

  • Quality. Tons of useful interactions with a clear path to success.
  • Efficiency. On demand examples, automated corrections and the insight you need to help your children, quickly.
  • Flexibility. Use for review or enrichment.
  • Simplicity. Track your child’s progress through his portfolio.

7 000+ Problems Aligned with the Common Core State Standards


Automated Corrections and On Demand Examples

A Variety of Input Styles

Reports and Progress Monitoring

Answers and Examples

10 Synthesis Missions

No Installation and Unlimited Access

Integrated Motivation

30 Demonstrations and 40 Explorations

  • I have seen many of my students use Buzzmath missions to look deeper into the mathematicians that helped pave the way. It gives math education a higher dimension, connecting them with math history.

    Josh CavenderTeacher
  • l think Buzzmath is a great site, because you can’t really guess. It really challenges you, which is good. Also, it’s a lot more entertaining than other platforms.

    Emma Y.Student
  • We are loving the program. Students are very excited about earning stars and rewards. It has been a great motivator.

    Jon S.Teacher
  • I am loving Buzzmath and my kids are enjoying it too. I really like all the reports that are available and how I can see how much time each student takes with an assignment. I really like the fact that if a student answers a question incorrectly, they can see how to do it correctly and then they can try it again, with different numbers. I am very pleased with the program and would highly recommend it.

    Lisa F.Teacher
  • It’s so fun and exciting because you have all these learning problems and you can help the world 🙂

  • I love this site it is awesome, I think I finally understand math much better. In the spots I needed help in.