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You’ve enjoyed Exploding Dots activities? You’ll love the Buzzmath platform! Since 2004, we’ve built an immersive digital math platform that lets your students PLAY, LOVE and LEARN… while having fun. Yup, math can be fun, trust us!

What is Buzzmath?

  • A digital math web application for students from grade 1 to 8
  • Thousands of supplemental learning activities aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
  • Automated corrections linked to reporting tools
  • Detailed solutions and on-demand examples
  • Real time progress tracking to follow the progression of your students, class or school

Discover the world of Buzzmath

All of BuzzCity, once the most technologically advanced city in the world, had been built on precise mathematical principles. But unfortunately, a disastrous event occurred that wiped out all knowledge in BuzzCity. Now, Alfred, the only person left with any mathematical understanding, needs the help of students to rebuild it. The students’ task is to complete learning activities that will eventually lead them to unlock the knowledge of famous mathematicians that can help to rebuild BuzzCity. 

Are your students eager to earn
stars and badges?

Upon completion of an activity, the student is awarded a gold star.

To encourage students to continue their adventures, the accumulation of stars allows them to unlock special Challenge Activities in certain sections of their book.

There are progress bars associated with these challenge activities to let students know the number of regular learning activities they need to open the Challenge. The bar gradually colors in until it reaches the limit set by the lock. In the example, successful completion of 6 learning activities (accumulating 6 stars) opens the first Challenge!

All students have the opportunity to collect numerous badges during their adventure through BuzzMath to demonstrate proficiency in the content, whether in number sense, geometry, data, and so on.

Are you and your students ready
for your next mission?

Are you and your students ready for your next mission?

As students progress through learning activities earning stars and badges, missions begin to unlock for them. Missions take students on a journey to meet famous mathematicians from the past and to embark on a historical adventure, solving problems that will eventually help to rebuild BuzzCity. Here, students discover the history of mathematics and learn about important figures in a context that is fun and exciting. Although the mathematical concepts in a mission are concepts at the middle school level, there is nothing to stop a 4th grade student from trying these learning activities.

When a mission is completed, the students collect an object that will allow them to restore mathematical knowledge and ultimately rebuild the beauty and architecture of BuzzCity. They also get a badge that will be added to their portfolio and eventually help to unlock their next mission.

Unlocking the 10 available missions one at a time will put students on the trail of the greatest mathematicians of the last 2000 years so that they can learn about the contributions of mathematicians, such as Aryabhata, Galileo and Germain.

Go ahead and try one of the missions yourself, and get to know a famous mathematician!

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