Halloween : Math Escape Game

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A Halloween Activity for the Classroom or at Home!

Approximate duration: 45 minutes

Recommended levels: Grades 3 and 4


As you know, Halloween is around the corner, and to highlight this festivity, we’re offering you a very special Halloween activity. Our team worked very hard to create it and we’re thrilled to offer you our math “escape game” for you to print and play!


This activity is an opportunity to do math with your students or your children that’s both fun and educational. After all, who ever said math can’t be fun?


In the classroom

The goal of this Halloween activity is simple. Divided into small groups, your students must work as a team to solve various mathematical challenges and be the first to complete the activity and to find, using the clues provided, the name of a given mathematician. 


At home

If you’re a parent, you too can do this activity with your children, in the comfort of your own home. You just need to adapt it a little and you’re ready to go! Here’s how: 


  • If you have one child: The goal of the activity is for your child to complete all of the mathematical challenges.


  • If you have 2 or more children: The children will compete against each other. The goal of the activity is to be the first to complete all of the mathematical challenges. 


In both cases, the child or children will solve various mathematical challenges to find the name of a given mathematician, using the clues provided.


Below are the instructions and the material you will need to do this activity. Simply print the activity and let the fun begin! 

Download Documents 









Now that you have all the material you need, you can dive into the Halloween activity with your students or children. And, most importantly, remember to have fun!!


We sincerely hope that you enjoy this Halloween activity that we created specially for you.  And if you did, please share it with your co-workers, friends and family on your social networks by mentioning Buzzmath in your post and including the hash tag #buzzmathescapegame. That way, they can also enjoy it in the classroom or at home. Simply click the button below to share the activity!

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