Global Math Week: Join the Movement with Buzzmath

By in Sunil's sandbox

Scolab, a Global Math Project partner

The holiday season has arrived and we are almost at the start of a new year. If some of you are saddened to see 2016 end, rest assured, you are guarantee 2017 is going to be amazing! A global movement is underway on the planet with the advent of the Global Math Project and Scolab is pleased to be a part of that great adventure!

What is the Global Math Project?

In 2015, mathematics specialists from around the world united around a project: engage more than 1 million students, teachers and lovers of mathematics during one special week in 2017! Their objective? To initiate a fundamental paradigm shift in how the world perceives and enjoys mathematics. Intriguing, right?

When and how does it happen?

The first Global Math Week will begin on October 10, 2017 and will be held simultaneously around the world! This edition will be dedicated to the famous “Exploding Dots” popularized by James Tanton, which is already generating wonder and surprise in schools and communities around the world.

James Tanton came to the Scolab office to present “Exploding Dots”. Take a look here.

And what about Scolab in all this?

Because the Global Math Project connects fully with our willingness to unleash the joy of learning, Scolab has decided to join the project. As the main collaborator of this project, we power the Exploding dots manipulative and activities map. Like Buzzmath, we put emphasis on a playful and friendly design!

Among the Ambassadors of the Global Math Project are two of our Scolaborators: Sunil Singh, whom you know well, and Simon Lavallée. The latter, part of Scolab’s sales team, is one of the mathematics specialists behind the project. Moreover, in the coming weeks, Sunil give you some details about this exciting project here.

I want to join the movement!

The Global Math Week is free and open to all. All you have to do is sign up when the time comes. We will keep you informed of the details as the event unfolds. You can also sign-up now for the Global Math Project newsletter.

I don’t know about you, but we are very impatient and excited to see 2017 arrive!