Buzzmathists’ best mentions

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This month on our social media

We are always delighted to read your stories and experiences with Buzzmath, so please keep on sharing with us. Here is a short selection of what happened on our Twitter and Facebook this month.

Math education consultant Daniel Finkel loved our last expert’s article. As you know, every two weeks, you have the opportunity to ask our specialist anything Math related. So please don’t be shy and ask away: he’ll be more than happy to answer you in our next webinars.

Educator and blogger Ross Bergman made us very proud from a well connected school in New York:

What about you? Do you use Buzzmath in class? In Ms. Harrington’s class from Shelbyville, United-States, they do.


Last but not least, here is the answer to the last challenge from Sonya

See you Monday for Sonya’s next puzzle!