Why Students Love it

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  • It's impressive. Finally an online math app that is fun to use and that does not put students into a trance from repeatedly answering multiple choice questions.
  • It's useful! Students see similar examples to instantly determine why they are wrong and then allows them to retry with different values.
  • It's simple! Clear goals are provided for students. They must complete assignments, accumulate stars, unlock missions, restore BuzzCity and proclaim victory as a mathematical hero.

Why Parents Love Buzzmath

  • Quality. Tons of useful interactions with a clear path to success.
  • Efficiency. On demand examples, automated corrections and the insight you need to help your children, quickly.
  • Flexibility. Use for review or enrichment.
  • Simplicity. Track your child's progress through his portfolio.

3,000+ Problems Aligned with the Common Core State Standards

Variety of input styles


On Demand Examples


Automated Corrections & Reports


Audio Reading


Integrated Motivation

Integrated Motivation

No installation and unlimited access

Unlimited access

After eight years and approximately twenty different online sofware programs, Buzzmath emerged as the course most students prefer to use.

- D. Ashendorf, District Online Facilitator

I absolutely love this program. I have picked up on current math curriculum. My knowledge has expanded very widely. I have learned much about many historical figures.

- Connor, M.S. Student